Weight Loss Drug Changes Name, Exhibits Bad Behavior

The Latest on Ramonabant – the upcoming weight loss drug.

Ramona has been in our thoughts and dreams for sometime now. You might say we are a little obsessed with Ramona. By Ramona I mean ramonabant, the appetite supressant which goes by the name Acomplia in Europe. We have been following the news of her arrival in the U.S. with great anticipation for the past year.

Now we have word that Ramona is changing her name to Zimulti. Zimulti does sound a bit Mediterranean and may reflect the diet pill’s origins in Europe. Why she has taken on this assumed name confuses us. What is even more disturbing is that it has been learned that Ramona, Acomplia or Zimulti is associated with a risk of suicidal thoughts in those who use this drug. Is she truly capable of driving people out of their minds?

Sources tell us that Ramona/Zimulti is headed for review by the FDA in the U.S. next month (July). As always all we can do is sit and wait for the word from above whether our dear Ramona will be headed our way soon or will become an outcast fated to languish out of reach on a distant continent.

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