Tara Struggles with Persistent Symptoms of Hypothyroidism and Her Medical Care

Sad LadyMetabolism.com received this message from one of our readers. Her story seems typical of the sort of dilemma so many people face today. The best advice usually comes from others who face the same problem. It would be helpful to hear what others would do in her situation.

Tara’s message: “I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in 2009, I had RAI in 2011, after my daughter turned 3 months. Being pregnant with Severe Grave’s was the scariest thing in my life at the time. I gained weight prior to my pregnancy, during, and after RAI. My family doctor told me no matter how much you ate while severe Hyperthyroid you should have been anorexic, so something else is wrong. “Prior to thyroid dysfunction I weighed a slim 180lbs for my height 5’9. Current today, I am obese, my TSH is normal with dosage at 250mcg daily, I have headaches every week, I have foggy brain, I have adrenal fatigue as I am soo tired between 1-3pm everyday, I have body pain, back pain, dry skin, menses irregular, mood changes, etc. I asked my Endo for combo synthroid/T3 he says no. It is too hard on the body. What can I do? What tests need to be ran to determine if it is genetic for me that my body doesn’t convert the T4 properly. I want to ask my family doctor to measure my T3 T4 etc. and prescribe me the combo therapy. Please help me, I can’t take it anymore I need my life back. I know so many who would benefit from this. Thank you,

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