Could HCG Diet Result in Unexpected Pregnancy?

I have written several blogs on the possible complications of using HCG for dieting. Of the problems HCG could cause I included excess facial and body hair, acne, oily skin, ovarian cysts and now I add unexpected pregnancy. It is important to remember that HCG has, for many years, been an important hormone in fertility treatments. During fertility treatments HCG is injected at a precise moment to cause release of the ripened egg, the process called ovulation.

A similar effect of HCG treatment could cause women who normally don’t ovulate to suddenly and unexpectedly release an egg. In essence, women on HCG injections for dieting are actually participating in their own fertility treatments.


Amanda Can’t Gain Weight

Amanda writes us about her inability to gain weight and how this problem may effect her ability to have a career in law inforcement:

I am 31 years old and have ONLY been able to put weight on when I was prego(3 times) I have been able to put on like 40 extra pounds and about 3 months after giving birth it ALL comes off. I am currently 5 foot 8 inches and weigh 113 and want to put on atleast another 15-20 pounds to feel healthy!! I am tired of not being able to wear shorts or skirts in fear of what people will call me or think. I too have been called names and been made fun of my whole life. I would like to get into law enforcement but my size is stopping me!! It sucks that someone cant make a pill to slow things down!!

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