A Shot for Weight Loss in Your Future?

By Gary Pepper, M.D. Editor-in-Chief

Weight loss shots may become latest weight loss technique.  A major pharmaceutical company is experimenting with possible weight loss injections. The company, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, has already pioneered a unique diabetes medication, Byetta, which lowers the blood sugar and is also associated with weight loss in diabetics who use it. The experimental medications being developed includes two hormone-like medications combined into injections taken in the morning and evening.  The first of the two hormones is already available as Symelin (pramlintide), another drug pioneered by Amylin Pharmaceutical. Symelin is presently used in the treatment of insulin requiring diabetics and is associated with mild weight loss. The second hormone is synthetic leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells which decreases appetite through its action at specific brain centers which control hunger. The researchers have formulated leptin through recombinant DNA technology into a chemical called metreleptin. In the recent experiments both Symelin and metreleptin are combined into a single injection. 56% of treated subjects lost 10% of their body weight in 6 months. Almost a third of subjects treated lost 15% of body weight. Binge eating was reduced by 43%. Adverse effects involved nausea and local skin reactions to the injections.

This weight loss injections are not yet available to the public. For more information regarding this or any of the other drugs mentioned in this article, contact Amylin Pharmaceuticals. Only you and your health care professional can decide which treatments are appropriate and whether weight loss shots are for you .

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