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Gary Pepper, MD

Gary Pepper, MD, board certified endocrinologist is joined by experts in related fields of metabolism, nutrition, thyroid disease, diabetes, hormone imbalance, weight management and more. The goal of this podcast is to provide listeners with an insider’s view of highly qualified professionals dealing with these complex issues so important to our health and well being.  

The information and opinions expressed on the Metabolism123 podcast are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Only an individuals’ personal health care provider can prescribe treatment or diagnostic advice. Listeners agree to the terms and conditions found at the website,  in the Disclaimer. 

Episode 1
Gary Pepper, MD

Dr. Gary Pepper, a board certified endocrinologist is joined by his brother Dr. Robert Pepper, a psychotherapist for a discussion of the psychology of obesity. The discussion is geared to the general listener and does not require a medical background to be appreciated. This episode of metabolism123 begins with the therapist explaining how obese individuals confront or avoid the issue of overweight in their treatment sessions. Then the two Dr. Peppers share their insights and experiences with treating obesity acquired in their respective specialties.  

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Dr. Robert Pepper maintains his own website at where his contact information can be obtained.

Episode 2


The Dr. Pepper brothers, Drs. Gary and Robert Pepper, continue their discussion of treating individuals who are overweight. Robert explains how in psychotherapy sessions he approaches the subject of being overweight with his clients and emotional barriers preventing some people from talking about the issue. Later Robert delves into the types of unhealthy relationships people may have with body image and eating, and other unconscious hurdles that interfere with achieving their weight goals.  Robert then goes on to discuss attachments people form with food, for example, crunchy versus sweet, comfort foods etc. , that drive unhealthy eating. The two doctors compare notes on the challenges they face in their day to day interactions with treating overweight clients.  Related information about this subject can be found at

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