Older Men in Boston Area to Die Sooner?

Elderly the manMen over 50 with low male hormone (testosterone) levels have a shorter life expectancy than men with of similar age with higher testosterone levels. Or so says a new medical study in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. Of the almost 800 men over the age of 50 who were studied, those who had the lowest testosterone levels had a 40% increased risk of dying over a 12 year period than men with higher levels . The authors (Gail Laughlin et al) of the study speculate that the lower testosterone levels gives rise to the metabolic syndrome of hypertension, abdominal obesity and lipid abnormalities (abnormal fats in the blood) which result in early death. Dr. Laughlin does not advocate giving testosterone to prevent these developments, however.

So what connection could this have with the lives of men in Boston. If you recall a previous study mentioned in this blog (http://blog.metabolism.com/2007/03/21/boston-men-show-decline-in-testosterone-male-hormone-levels/) it was noted that men in Boston have lower testosterone levels than men in other parts of the country. Therefore it is my personal observation that if you combine the information of these two studies we should conclude that men in Boston will have shortened life spans. Taking this one step further, it is known that stress can lower a man’s testosterone. Therefore if the Red Sox lose the World Series causing a tremendous rise in stress in Bosten men, they will have even lower testosterone levels and die even sooner. I ask you, can we afford to have the Red Sox lose knowing what might happen to the low testosterone Boston males?
Your thoughts please….

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