Welcome to the Thyroid Project

Metabolism.com presents the introductory patient interview for The Thyroid Project during which she describes the predicament of someone who has been unsuccessfully treated for hypothyroidism.

Can Color Affect Your Appetite?

Professional chefs understand how important food presentation is for the success of a meal. One element of the eating experience

Overweight Kids…Trouble in Paradise

Overweight or obesity in kids greatly increases the risk of a host of health issues, the most prominent being diabetes, cardiovascular complications, and cancer. Parents can be the key to prevent obesity in their children by encouraging a healthy diet and physical activity (like playing outdoors).

Viral Infection and the Thyroid in the Age of Covid-19

Viral infection is thought to play a key role in the development of common thyroid diseases. Genetic factors probably determine who develops virus induced thyroid disease and the severity of symptoms. It is presently unknown how, or if, coronavirus plays a role in thyroid disease but we are on the verge of finding out.

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