Welcome to the Thyroid Project

Metabolism.com presents the introductory patient interview for The Thyroid Project during which she describes the predicament of someone who has been unsuccessfully treated for hypothyroidism.

Three Reliable Strategies for Reducing Abdominal (Belly) Fat

The good news is that it’s possible for virtually anyone to reduce abdominal fat. The bad news is, there’s no real shortcuts and you can’t cheat your way to a trim waist!

belly fat

Understanding Abdominal (Belly) Fat. Use it to Lose it.

Visceral fat is stored primarily around and inside the abdomen. Yes – fat is more than skin deep and is stored inside of us as well as under our skin. The closer fat is to the stomach and abdomen, the greater the chance is that it penetrates under the skin, wrapping itself around the liver, heart, kidneys, pancreas, and other organs.

Aging Metabolism

Four Reasons Our Metabolism Changes with Age

As we get older maintaining our weight tends to get harder. The slowing of our metabolism with time may be part of the reason. How real is that process and at what age does it begin? What kinds of things can be done to reverse a slowing metabolism without using drugs?

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