Welcome to the Thyroid Project

Metabolism.com presents the introductory patient interview for The Thyroid Project during which she describes the predicament of someone who has been unsuccessfully treated for hypothyroidism.

Stopping Prediabetes in Its Tracks: Simple Interventions that Work

Without effective intervention the early stage of type 2 diabetes known as prediabetes carries a high risk of progressing to outright diabetes. Metabolism.com provides an up-to-date summary of recommendations from national authorities, for preventing and possibly reversing this life long affliction

The Prediabetes Puzzle: What the Blood Tests Mean

Diabetes can be defined simply as elevated blood sugar levels. What exactly is high blood sugar and when should someone be concerned about their level? Does having prediabetes mean diabetes is around the corner? Metabolism.com tackles this tricky but important topic in this comprehensive review.

Unmasking the Dark Side of the Ozempic Craze

The craze for Ozempic and related medications for weight loss has come at a great price both economically and possibly health-wise for users of these medications. Major pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars of profit while small start up companies offering bootlegged versions of these drugs along with generic drug makers are hoping to join in the bonanza, as well.

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Patient Interviews & Videos

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