Metabolism Book

To make a long story short a friend of ours gave us this book. It is one of the best books we have ever read because it is so educational about diabetes, weight, metabolism, thyroid & more. The best thing is that you can understand every word because the doctor didn’t write it in medical terms. A must read!

This easy to read and very informative book, written by an endocrinologist, explains how to work with the metabolism we have. Fast or slow, our metabolism needs to be understood in order for us to reach our ideal weight. Dr. Pepper gives us hope by explaining why we haven’t been successful and how we can finally reach our ideal weight at any age!!!!
- Krissy

A full length book of 175 pages including advice on weight loss, weight gain, thyroid disease, hormone treatment for women and men plus a 20 page weight loss program as well as a full 20 page weight gain program.

In his new book designed to be read by everyone, Dr. Pepper combines the wisdom and knowledge from these past 12 years into one entertaining volume. Better yet, included at no additional cost are the 20 page personalized programs for weight loss prepared by the team at Such programs alone can cost from $100 at other websites or in the provider’s office.

Download the eBook from Amazon:
Metabolism eBook (Kindle edition) by Gary Pepper


For the past 12 years Dr. Gary Pepper along with a team of experts, has answered questions and provided advice to members of his website They have dealt with thousands of common, and not so common issues including:

  1. The inside story of why endocrinologists are reluctant to adopt treatments with T3 and Armour, and how to counteract this prejudice
  2. Which supplements to boost metabolism are good and which are useless,
  3. Complete nutrition and exercise programs to achieve weight loss (or weight gain)
  4. The latest methods to diagnose and treat underactive and overactive thyroid disease,
  5. Why the “latest” medical treatments for diabetes may not be the “greatest”
  6. Ways to control metabolism when quitting smoking.

If you feel like you deserve the best information possible to achieve your goals then consider purchasing, either in soft cover or ebook format.

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