Leslie Comments on Her Experience Taking Armour After Thyroid Surgery

Leslie writes;

I wanted to update my comment with regard to Thyroid post op presentation.
I am now on 120 mg of Armour thyroid, and have been since about July of 2012.

Since that change, my clinical presentation has improved dramatically and I am now back in the USA and completing my medical degree.
Prior to Armour, I was almost completely non functional following thyroidectomy in Feb 2011, and was unable to take the synthetic thyroid meds which are normally prescribed, such as Synthroid and Cytomel.
If Armour were to vanish from the drug market, I dread to think what my life would than be like.
I have read countless articles and postings from patients who are unable to convince doctors to prescribe Armour, and I must say how sad this makes me, and that i have utmost empathy for these patients.

I can not begin to comprehend the reasons any physician would hav

e for refusin

g to prescribe this drug, and it concerns me greatly that practitioners are knowingly preventing patients from regaining their health and ability to live a happy and useful life.
I know that I was, prior to Armour, totally incapable of participating in any kind of activity beyond laying on bed and reading, and sometimes, I was too exhausted to even read.

I would be very interested to know how the refusal of prescribing Armour, when indicated, is justified by these doctors.
IF you have any information on this, please do email me.

Thank you very kindly and I appreciate the metabolism site, as I would have been unaware of Armour had I not come upon the site 2 years ago.

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