A Lazzara, member, comments on Gastric By-Pass Surgery

A. Lazzara, member of metabolism.com, posts the following to the discussion of gastric by-pass surgery for weight loss.

Thank you for posting this but you havent posted all the information just parts of it.

Most people who have bariatric surgery really DO it as a last resort.

While you are right about that the one sole gastric bypass surgery is NOT a quick solution to the problem, however there are other bariatric procedures that are available to consider. One of them being the latest one called vertical sleeve which just cuts your stomach smaller and does not do all the plumbing that the drastic gastric bypass does. Another form is the popular lapband which is just a band thats inserted over your abdominal to restrict the food.

Any of the bariatric doctors do WARN the patient that with the gastric bypass that you run the risk of malabsorption and that can be detrimental in the long run.

As far as bariatric procedures are concerned I know TEN people who had various bariatric surgeries. I know 8 of them that are doing great! I know my cousin had the gastric bypass and she didnt do well. She has to go back in and get it removed because it was dangerous for her. But this was when gastric bypass first started out as a new procedure. The other person i dont know what procedure she had done but her situation is that she stopped taking the vitamins that she was supposed to take so she became ill. Shes doing better now that she is taking her supplements.

I”ve been to many bariatric seminars and i strongly recommend the vertical sleeve. Out of the ten i mentioned I know two of them had that done and are doing fantastic. They do not get malabsorption and just mainly control what they eat. If people are concerned then i suggest they opt for the lapband and if its not for them they can have it removed.

I personally cannot have ANY of these procedures even if i had the money for it. In 1996 I had acute pancreatitis(which left me diabetic) and they did abdominal surgery on me therefore the bariatric doctors will not touch anyone who had any kind of abdominal surgery due to that it might cause complications. How i dont know though. I’m hoping to find out.

Do know this that you can have any surgery and STILL gain the weight back. You can still eat tons of milk shakes with the lapband or constantly eat small portions with the vertical sleeve and re-stretch out your stomach. So they aren’t a cure all.

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