Latest Medical Rumors: Weight Loss and Osteoporosis

According to unreliable sources the FDA will be reviewing Ramona (Ramonabant aka Acomplia) in June. If approved by the FDA this weight loss medication may be available in the United States within a few weeks after that. As for now all we can do is wait…and wait. I am disappointed at how few people have contributed lyrics to the Ramona song. Give it a try (see what has been written so far at the bottom of this post).

A new treatment for osteoporosis which is given by injection once a year is the subject of a research paper soon to be released. Expected cost is about $1000. This may simplify the lives of many women now taking pills for osteoporsis every week or month.


Ramonabant song

Oh Ramona, Oh Ramona
Why you left me so blue?
Xenical not nearly so sweet as you.

Oh Ramon, My Ramona
Me want to shed these ugly pound
Me getting to look so soft and round

Oh Ramona, Oh Ramona
Why you left me so blue?
I’m all alone wit’a powerful taste for some yellow cheese fondu.

Oh Ramona, Oh Ramona
I don’t know if you sinner or saint
You make my liver happy but the rest of me body complaint.

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