Latest Medical Rumors: Alli is the Greatest

Alli: New Weight Loss Pill to Be Released in June

The new over-the-counter version of Xenical will be marketed under the brand name “Alli”. Alli is reported to be available to the general public in June. Alli works by blocking the absorption of fat by the intestine, so that several hundred fat calories per day can be sent speeding out of the body from the bowel. For more on this drug please see the blog at titled; “Xenical for Weight Loss. Beware What you Wish For.” The company marketing the drug, GlaxoSmithKline, recognizes the potential for unpleasant side-effects including anal seepage or oily anal discharge. It advises new users to bring an extra pair of pants to work. Wowza!! If that isn’t the coolest marketing stategy we’ve heard this year.

In keeping with this new truth in advertising campaign we at have a suggestion. Since this weight loss drug carries the name of the Greatest Fighter of All Time, Mohammed Ali, what about this slogan to kick off with. “Alli is the Greatest Obesity Fighter! Guaranteed to Knock the Crap Out of You!”

If you don’t care for our slogan come up with one of your own. We dare you!

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