Kelly Offers Advice to Help Those with High Metabolism

Kelly offers this advice to our members like Amanda who have been unable to keep their weight up.

Thanks Kelly for offering your thoughts.

Kelly writes:

Ladies, while you each are blessed by the fact that you do not have an obesity problem, your problem is no less real to you. I recommend calling around in your area (universities, or bariatric physician) and see if a professional can test your resting metabolic rate. If this is not a possibility, get with a registered dietitian or an exercise physioligist that has experience with weight management, so they can estimate your metabolic rate. Next, based on your activity level they can estimate the number of calories you use up in a day (resting metabolic rate, activities of daily living, and exercise). This will give you the estimated number of calories that you use up in a day. Wtih this number, you add 500 to 1000 extra calories per day and you will gain 1-2 pounds per week. It is best to add weight training with this routine so most of the extra weight is in muscle and not too much fat. You will get some of both though. You should get good dietary counsel so you do not get too many calories from unhealthy sources. Also, you do not want to develop bad eating habits. Eventually with your weight gain and added muscle mass, your metabolic rate will increase and your weight gain will stop and you will be at a new, healthy, higher weight. Good luck.

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