Mr. J. Juke Gives Advice to “High Metabolism/Too Skinny”

Jester Juke is a young man with a lot to say to those who can’t gain weight. Perhaps geared more to the male side of the problem he offers some very specific recommendations. See if you agree with him

Mr. Juke writes:

“Hi I’m Bob and I’m an alcoholic” lol
So I’m 18, 6′0″, 177lbs, 15% body fat. I’ve been weight training for a 19 months and have a message for all you other “high metabolism” and “ectomorphic” guys looking for muscle bulk who in times of doubt come to sites like this.
1. Eat/Drink
Muscle has to come from somewhere. We can’t expect all that matter to just magically “poof” from training. Muscle fibers are torn and need to be repaired with proper nutrition or else they’ll just merge into the same mass again. Stay away from funk food! Eat 3 healthy meals and 3 healthy snacks everyday. You should incorporate your healthy smart diet around Protein (fish, yogurt, nuts, chicken, soy, milk, eggs, protein shakes), Carbs (pasta, fruit juice, rice, oats, bread, potatoes) and Fats/Oils (fish oil, olive oil, whole milk, red meat).
2. Train Hard
You need to tear those muscles before they can repair themselves. BUT there are two different kinds of repairs after spending time in the gym. When you feel tired and achy yet you know you can pull off more sets, thats called muscle fatigue. That’s for endurance and toning, not muscle building. When you push that “heavy” weight till you literally can’t budge, this is called muscle failure. Work towards muscle failure not muscle torture. ;p
3. Go Natural
Please don’t turn to steroids. Drugs are bad, mkay?
4. Patience is Key
Bodybuilding is a lot like being a gardner. You can water and watch your sprouts all you want, but growth takes time. Don’t beat yourself up for not seeing results the next morning. Not even steroid users get those results. Be patient. Weightlifting is a lifestyle, not a fad.

Posted by Jester Juke

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