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As the founder of I am extremely pleased to begin offering registered users of the ability to use Artificial Intelligence to address their concerns about Metabolic Health. Having been a practicing physician for over 40 years, I understand the discomfort experienced when a prospective patient doesn’t have timely access to reliable information about these matters. The present healthcare system unfortunately does not offer the public real-time options to discuss concerns with a healthcare professional, but instead imposes waiting times of weeks or months before providing a few minutes with a qualified healthcare provider.

Since my retirement from medical practice I have begun a new challenge. This is to go beyond traditional blogging, creating podcasts and producing YouTube videos to provide visitors of reliable and up-to-date information on metabolic health. The timing for this challenge is perfect, due to  the emergence and availability of AI which enables users of this technology a new and improved way to address this pressing need.

Our Goals for Providing Fine Tuned Information via AI

Hence, the creation of the  Metabolic Mentor at The Metabolic Mentor uses the power of OpenAI, to search the world’s data base for answers to metabolic health questions. At we intend to take the additional steps needed to provide a truly empowering interaction. 

To understand the vision at, let’s consider precisely what a person seeking medical knowledge is actually searching for. If the answers being sought can be found in a textbook on the relevant subject why all the fuss about using AI?  Instinctively, we know reading a textbook response is far from what people need and want. In 2024 we can ask the AI agent a question and it finds the answers by parsing the enormous amount of information on the internet before providing a summarized findings in a concise package.  Yes, that’s better but still not great. So what is missing? I believe the secret sauce lies in adding the experience and wisdom accumulated by a practitioner through years of caring for people who have lived with these medical issues. The building blocks of living things, our DNA, is infinitely re-arrangeable, meaning no two people are alike. For now at least, only a human mind can deal with that level of complexity. 

The AI/Human Expert Partnership

Therefore, our “innovation” at is to combine the extraordinary ability of AI to find and evaluate the world’s written knowledge with the experience and wisdom of a seasoned practitioner. By joining these assets, the goal of providing a comprehensive and meaningful response to health-related questions on demand, becomes attainable.

We Need Your Help to Succeed

At this moment, we are still in a preliminary stage. Available AI agents continue to evolve in terms of reliability, stability and adaptability. They cannot yet be charged with providing actual healthcare on their own since we don’t have the systems in place to assure each query will be responded to in a safe and comprehensive manner. We hope that the experience gained here  will help the process evolve. The feedback you provide to us about your experience with the Metabolic Mentor can be the basis for improvements and fine tuning of the AI/practitioner partnerships which, in turn, can develop into a vital part of a vastly improved healthcare system.

Precautions and Conditions 

Thank you for taking time to review this explanation with me. Some precautions remain, however.;

1. Using the Metabolic Mentor is not a substitute for the care provided by your healthcare professional. We provide information for educational purposes only, not personalized healthcare, as explained above 

2. For that reason, Do not enter personal health data at this website. We do not provide personalized healthcare advice.

3. Users should understand the present limitations of using the MM which include the risk of the AI providing  incomplete or incorrect information. Do not take action based on the information obtained here but check it out with your healthcare provider, first. 

4. To use the MM,  you will need to provide a valid email address and become a registered user of,  agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of and give us permission to contact you via email with a completely voluntary follow-up questionnaire. 

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to get rolling? If so, then click on the link to the Metabolic Mentor page at and “Join Us” there. On the AI page you will see for yourself how simple using the technology is. We also provide a demo video directly on the Metabolic Mentor page, and will be offering live stream instructional videos, as well.  Thanks again for considering being part of this exciting mission at! 

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