Food Products Which Boost Metabolism

One of the most frequently asked questions by members of is whether there are food products which can boost metabolism and help their diet. While many products claim to boost metabolism unfortunately there are few which really do.

Research has shown that a compound in green tea known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) has metabolism boosting properties. Coca-Cola Company is taking advantage of this by supplementing one of their new beverages, Enviga, with EGCG. In addition to the green tea compound Enviga contains another well known booster, caffeine. Calcium is also added to the mixture. Well controlled scientific studies have shown a modest metabolic increase in people consuming Enviga three times a day for several days. Another similar product is marketed under the brand name Celsius, by the Elite Company.

There are multiple other health benefits attributed to EGCG, thought mostly due to its antioxidant effects. Some experts believe that EGCG can help prevent heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as boost metabolism. Many different foods contain EGCG including black tea, Oolong tea, chocolate, fruits and vegetables. EGCG can also be obtained in capsule form.

Our thought at is that people who really want to amp up there weight loss program could use Enviga or Celsius to wash down their Alli pills (see our post about Alli diet pill)

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