Darlene Shares Her Experience with Cytomel (t3)

Darlene sent us this post in which she explains how the addition of Cytomel (t3) resulted in a great improvement in her symptoms of hypothyroidism. Many physicians including endocrinologists continue to dispute the benefit of adding t3 in situations such as Darlene’s. Perhaps posting her comments and others like hers will help sway opinions.

Darlene writes:

I have been on synthroid for Hashimotos thyroiditis for over 10 years. I am on 300MCG. l have experienced severe fatigue and chronic joint pain for most of my life. I also experience bouts of depression. Four weeks ago I was placed on 5mg of Cytomel along with the 300mcg of synthroid. I am happy to say that my fatigue is almost gone, I have lost weight, my depression is gone and my joint pain is almost gone. I have never felt better in my life. I feel better than when I was teenager. I am now 37 years old and feel like life is starting over for me.

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