Could HCG Diet Result in Unexpected Pregnancy?

I have written several blogs on the possible complications of using HCG for dieting. Of the problems HCG could cause I included excess facial and body hair, acne, oily skin, ovarian cysts and now I add unexpected pregnancy. It is important to remember that HCG has, for many years, been an important hormone in fertility treatments. During fertility treatments HCG is injected at a precise moment to cause release of the ripened egg, the process called ovulation.

A similar effect of HCG treatment could cause women who normally don’t ovulate to suddenly and unexpectedly release an egg. In essence, women on HCG injections for dieting are actually participating in their own fertility treatments.

I came to this conclusion because this past week I became aware of an actual case of this occurring. A woman in her late 40’s who was in early menopause without menstrual cycles for about 6 months, participated in two consecutive HCG diet programs each lasting 6 weeks. She had the marvelous result of losing 45 lbs while doing this. 2 months after her last HCG injection she learned she was pregnant. She was sure her days of fertility were long over so this was completely unexpected and unplanned. The pregnancy didn’t survive. Due to the emotional and physical stress she regained all the weight she lost.

The lesson here, I think, is that woman who assume they are infertile either because of early menopause or polycystic ovarian syndrome, must be aware that HCG may change that. Consult with your physician for more advice on this subject if you plan to use HCG.

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