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Gary M. Pepper, M.D., is the force behind metabolism.com, a pioneering medical information website he established in 1996. With a steadfast commitment to independent healthcare education, Dr. Pepper has been at the helm for over a quarter-century, ensuring the site’s integrity and relevance in the digital age.

A distinguished alumnus of Tufts School of Medicine, Dr. Pepper honed his expertise with an internship and residency at Montefiore-Einstein Hospital, followed by an Endocrinology Fellowship at Mt. Sinai Hospital, all in New York City. His illustrious 40-year career spans teaching, research, and clinical practice, with notable academic positions at NYU School of Medicine, New York Medical College, and University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, where he shared his knowledge as an Associate Professor

An author of over 30 research publications, Dr. Pepper retired from clinical practice in 2023. Yet, his passion for demystifying medical science endures, as he continues to offer insightful, often provocative perspectives on contemporary medical issues, particularly on metabolic health, and the impact of AI on how we receive healthcare information.

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