I have another 2 cents to put in about egg yolks. For some reason they have been demonized and demoralized. People have been led to believe that if you eat egg yolks, or cholesterol for that matter, they will somehow cause a heart attack. NOT TRUE. For the majority of people, consuming cholesterol will actually cause a feedback loop to kick in and reduce your bodies own production for the day. Cholesterol is REALLY REALLY important for producing Vitamin D, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone and other hormones, as well as cell membranes and brain tissue! IF cholesterol gets oxidized (from too much pollution/toxins and too few antioxidants) then you may have a cholesterol problem. So cut down on toxins and increase antioxidants to address that problem!
BUT back to the yolk of the egg… that is where the MAJORITY of nutrients are found. The yolk contains omega 3 fatty acids (especially if the chicken is fed properly), vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and choline. Choline is essential for producing acetylcholine, the “memory” molecule. So, don’t forget to enjoy 1 or 2 eggs EVERY DAY to boost your intake of these essential nutrients. Eat whole, organic eggs high in omega 3 fatty acids to give your brain and your body a boost!

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