It is curious that we think of Health Insurance as a system or service that keeps us healthy, yet we seldom use it unless we are sick!  We pay our premiums and believe that will keep us healthy.  The truth of the matter, it is up to us to achieve optimal health and maintain it for life!  Nutrition counseling can help people with debilitating diseases reduce their risk of symptoms and disease progression.  Even simple steps such as reducing meat and toxin consumption and increasing antioxidants for someone with heart disease can make a world of difference.  Basic counseling for diabetics that stresses whole foods, proper supplementation and meal balance and timing can greatly affect blood sugar control.  Someone with high blood pressure benefits significantly from increasing foods the contain potassium and magnesium and decreasing processed foods that contain excess sodium chloride.  Take a look at your “Health Insurance Policy”.  Does it help you to insure your health?  If not, consider a nutrition consultation!

Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RD, CNSD, CCN, LD/N

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