I have been on Synthroid for over a year now and I still feel sick.It took forever to get my Dr to admit I was hypo because my blood test were with in normal. Finally I told them a small lie to get a ultra sound on my neck and they found Goiter which  made them get me on synthroid. (I told them I was having sharp pains in my neck)I am on public health care so I dont have a choice as to the care they will give me. A second opinion is usually a student Dr. under the Dr. you disagree with. I want to try Armour or the compound the all natural or something because I hate feeling like this. I complain about how tired I still am and they want me to go on antidepressants? I am depressed because I dont have a choice in my health care! I told them for two years my thyroid was out I knew by my own study over the net.  Please how can I get a prescripition for a natural thyroid I cant afford to pay a Dr with no insurance that will want to rerun all those test again I went through with the state Drs just to get a prescription for something I already have a script for. I am on 100mg of Synthroid I take two 50gm a day because I was alergic to the fillers they used in the 100gm pill. I was also alergic to the Levo so I cant take the generic Ive been on Synthroid for a little over a year >Please someone help me because I am 35 and my life plus my childrens is passing me by in a dream cause I sleep all the time and have gained over 50lbs in less than a year I believe from being constipated>I am not depressed! There is so much I want to do that my body just wont let me I am in tears now because I hope so bad I get a responce that can help me.

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