Nor any drop to drink.  Remember the dilemma of the Ancient Mariner?   Water everywhere but none safe to drink.  Have we found ourselves with the same dilemma?  Heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and even radioactive elements have been found in our drinking water.  What are we to do about something so essential to health?  Water is the blood of life.  Our bodies are 60-70% water and it is necessary for transport, temperature control and the basic functions of metabolism.  We can only go a number of days without it,  while we could literally go for weeks without food (not that I recommend that!).  Most folks need at least 1/2 ounce of water for each pound of body weight ( 30 mls per kilogram of body weight in metric).  Fluid needs may change with exercise, kidney function and other variables so the initial calculation is just a baseline.  But where should we get our fluids?  Purified water with lemon juice, lime juice or alkalizing minerals would be ideal.  But what about tap water?  What about it… or more importantly, what is in it!  I refer you to EWG.ORG for an assessment of the nation’s drinking water… find your city on the list!  I encouraged them to also assess the level of radiation in the water as well because we know it can factor into health risk.

What about bottled water?  Bottled water is water in a bottle, period.   You must look further to learn exactly how and if it has been purified.  Some bottled water simple states that it is from a “municipal source,”  basically tap water!  Although bottled water must meet certain standards, just as tap water must, they may not be removing all undesirable contaminants.  We collected drinking water samples at RPHP and found radioactivity was greatest in samples within 20 miles of a nuclear power plant.  The water 40 miles away had less radiation but after reverse osmosis, almost all the radiation was removed.  That is why I encourage people to be sure their water is purified/filtered by either reverse osmosis or distillation.  Because that does remove ALL minerals, along with the radioactive ones, I am sure to supplement appropriately with minerals and trace elements.  Again, everyone’s needs are different and someone with decreased kidney function would not supplement unless guided by a healthcare practitioner.  Bottomline… be sure to get enough clean alkalized water to support your health and metabolism!

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