Amie wonders whether the Adkins Diet is the way to go for those who want to avoid weight gain after stopping smoking. Just yesterday one of my patient’s admitted she would rather face lung disease than gain the 20 lbs. she fears would result if she stopped smoking.

Here is what Amie has to say:

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: I have only quit for a month and so far (with ridiculous excersize and dieting) only gained 4lbs. I’m only 5ft tall and I can’t afford to gain much more. My co-worker (age 38 smoker for 17years) quit a year ago and gained 20lbs. Last April of 09 she went on the Atkins diet and lost almost 35lbs WITHOUT EVEN EXERCISING! She looks great and has been able to keep the weight off. Has anyone else had success with Atkins? If not it’s worth a try since nothing else is working. If I gain another pound I’m going on it. Good luck!


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