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Maya writes:

The Holiday Spirit of Generosity

We consider holidays to be a special time of the year – when we give and receive gifts, visit or host the family, celebrate, and enjoy traditional rituals. We all have a collection of memories associated with this time of the year – some are good and others are not as much, however those are the memories originated while we were kids – excited about the special times of gifts and sweets and friends. How exciting it is to believe in Santa Clause, elves, and other magical things waiting for us. I still remember the smell of the special dish my Mom used to make for us during the winter holidays…

It is common to see and hear local charity volunteers by the malls and department stores, and to experience the impatience of people rushing to buy gifts for their loved ones. Thankfully we got internet shopping now and trips to the store are not the exclusive source of the holiday gifts. We can donate through the internet now, and even buy gifts and request shipping directly to the recipient. In many cases it is a real life saver – no kidding, spending hours at the post office had never been my favorite pastime… And yet, don’t you think we are getting more remote even to our loved ones who live nearby, as our virtual lives expand and flourish? Perhaps our gifts could be even more meaningful…
When I think of generosity many thoughts come to my mind.
It is about giving part of something that is yours to somebody else without any expectations of getting anything in return.
And we are accustomed to think it is about money or things. And it is, but not only.

I would like to talk about the generosity of the heart, when we give out time, our love and attention to others without any expectations of getting anything in return. When we find time for that phone conversation, personal postcard, hand written letter, shared cup of tea, friendly embrace. When we share the gift of knowledge with friends and observe their lives getting better as a result of it.
As we look into each other eyes catching that spark connecting us one to another – friendly people.

Than our gifts tend to be more meaningful – sharing the knowledge and paying attention to the other’s needs and wants can make all the difference.

I recently came from the business trip where one of my wonderful friends shared his home, time, comfort, and joy with me for a few days. It was the most precious gift of generosity – the sharing of a few life-days. I believe one of the most important acts of generosity happens when we let others experience the warmth of our hearts and purity of our intentions. And there is a real possibility of magic happening as the result of us giving and receiving such a generous gift – as we can now relax into the feeling of being accepted and cared without any expectations. It often doesn’t take a few days to give such a gift – it can take only a few minutes of connection, support, and sharing.

This holiday season I’m inviting you to enjoy sharing your generosity and compassion with your loved ones.
I also prepared a gift for you!

Receive a full one-hour COMPLIMENTARY session with the purchase of a gift certificate for friends and family.

Creative Gift Ideas:

1. One session of your choice plus $10 towards the follow-up session.
(The most affordable gift of health.)
Value of $100.00
YOUR COST: $75.00

2. Package of 3 Five Elements acupuncture sessions.
(Perfect to experience the body/mind/spirit rejuvenation.)
Value of $270.00
YOUR COST: $180.00

3. Package of 3 NET treatments.
(Ideal for somebody under high stress and/or facing life challenges.)
Value of $270.00
YOUR COST: $180.00

4. Anti-Aging Cosmetic Acupuncture complete package.
(Minimally invasive and gentle way to “turn back the clock”.)
Value of $650.00
YOUR COST: $550.00

5. Package of 3 behavioral consulting sessions.
(Great for somebody facing dilemma or conflict, wants to eliminate unwanted habits/reactions, and get motivated)
Value of $270.00
YOUR COST: $180.00

6. Create the package of your choice!
Contact me with your questions and ideas so we can brainstorm together. 800.590.6292

Better than that – every healing session from the list (on the right panel) is priced $65.00. For some sessions it is 50% discount!

This offer is valid for the remaining of the year 2009 for new and existing clients. Purchased gifts can be used at any time.


Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends and family to help them get healthier as new year approaches.

I wish you happy and healthy holiday season and Happy New Year!

Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M., C.Ht, Lic.Ac
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Comprehensive Life Care Specialist
Certified Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotist

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