Melissa looks back to realize that smoking or over-eating are habits dominating her life. Soon to be married she wonders if anyone can offer a helping hand in her effort to control her weight. Can a weight loss pill be the answer?

Melissa writes:

I’ve been obese for most of my life…however at the age of 17 I started smoking casually which later turned into a full time addiction…between 18 and 19 I was partying all the time, smoking two packs a day, rollerblading like crazy, running the streets at night with friends, and dropped 80lbs by barely eating anything but drinking lots of mt. dew and alcohol. By 21 the weight started to come back on… I quit smoking at 23 and my metabolism slowed wayyyyy down. Recently I had a glucose/thyroid test done. Everything is in the normal range. Although my thyroid is on the low side of the “normal” range. I know the thyroid regulates the metabolism. I’m currently 266 lbs and a full time teacher. I’m getting married in 10 months and want to drop weight fast. Is there a weightloss drug out there that can increase metabolism without giving me the jitters. I’ve decreased portion sizes already and in a few weeks I’ll be getting a treadmill for the house. Please help a blushing bride to be.

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