Lawrence Mallette, M.D., PhD, reports to us on how the Armour shortage has effected his practice, and shares with his advice on how to handle replacement therapy. We appreciate Dr. Mallette’s comments.

Dr. Mallette Writes:

The shortage of Armour Thyroid and other brands of thryoid extract has devastated my office. We have received over 300 requests for changes due to the shortage. We can’t get the other work done!

Synthetic T3 (Cytomel) at a dose of 5 to 10 mcg a day, together with a balancing amount of Synthroid or Levoxyl does the trick for most patients. Only a few find a distinct improvement on Armour versus Cytomel as a source of the T3 supplement. The symptoms experience by 50% of Synthroid- or Levoxyl- treated patients usually do not derive from the Synthroid itself, but from the lack of T3 in those preparations. This is possibly going to be the only work-around, as I’ll not go back to Armour until we have an explanation from Forest Pharma.

I the Federal Government (FDA) responsible for this shortage. Likely. They are criminally neglegent in that case.

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