TriskelionAZ reponded to my question regarding why smokers seem to prefer Marlboro’s. Thanks Triskelion! Your comments seem like reasonable explanations to me. I will see what my Marlboro smoking patients think of your ideas.

TriskelionAZ offers the following thoughts to

Thankfully I am not a smoker . I tried when I was 18 but with asthma that prevented me from gaining an addiction. From what I hear from my friends who smoke they said they started smoking when they were quite young and that marlboro was the “strongest” and had the most flavor(very true in Europe though!). So that became a standard for them. After the years went by i think they dilluted the tobacco with other fillers.

An ex friend of mine who was in marketing told me once. The color RED is used on a lot of stores and ads that deal with food (or hand to mouth) since it subsconsciously has been known through studies to make people want to eat, drink etc. Thats why a lot of fast food use red as the color for them. The color BLUE is relaxing therefore its mainly used to calm people. Places where sleeping beds are sold use a lot of blue but most eateries use red or more red than anythign else. Same with cigarette boxes and Marlboro uses a lot of it and so do other cigarettes but a lot of them didnt start using red until later on.

Those are my theories as to why people use Marlboro as a trend. Bulletin boards(Marlboro Man etc) reinforced sales too of course.

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