I found this phrase on a teacup at the Japanese restaurant while enjoying a lengthy health discussion with one of my friends. By the way, in case you don’t drink alcohol at all, read on anyway.

It is known that excessive alcohol intake can lead to various issues on many levels. However, not all of us know the implications it can create. Having a glass of wine or a bear had been a part of the social ritual for a long time and perhaps will continue to be for years to come. Not all cultures accept it as a part of the society, but European and American societies takes social alcohol drinking as a norm. In my teenage years, a glass of hot spiced wine was often prescribed in treating various blood circulation disorders. So, while having the alcohol as a part of our lives and our diet it is worth to learn more about it and about the connection between alcohol and metabolism.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about ethyl alcohol is that the human body grants it the first priority to metabolize because it is readily mixes with water on the molecular level. Right after consumption it is distributed through the body in the blood stream. For the same reason it is readily crosses the “blood brain barrier” – that is why it affects our perceptions, balance, and other biological functions so quickly. Ethyl alcohol can also be absorbed into the blood through the skin and the air.
However, the liver, being the primary site of alcohol metabolism, takes the highest toll from excessive drinking. The process permanently changes the liver cell structure and impairs the liver’s ability to metabolize fats. Fat accumulates in the liver and the overall balance of proper nutrient absorption gets affected.
If you are one of people who are looking to balance your weight please take a closer look at how much alcohol you consume. It is equally important to notice your reasons for drinking, time of day, food you eat with it and your moods before and after. Some people tend to eat more after a drink and often don’t notice the quantity and quality of the food they eat. Social drinking is often accompanied by “junk” food such as salted and roasted nuts, greasy chips, as well as deep fried fatty foods. It is beneficial to eat a full healthy meal before such gatherings, as it will allow you to eat less of such foods.
I would like to advocate for very moderate alcohol consumption or even none at all. However if you still consider it, there are good tips of how to do it smart – it is worth putting some effort in more detailed research.
And the most important of all – drink plenty of water. Alcohol has a toxic and dehydrating effect on the body and drinking water will help you to detoxify quicker.

And overall it is perhaps the #1 health tip all health practitioners agree on – to make sure you are properly hydrated through your day.

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