Gaining weight can seem as daunting as trying to lose weight. Hard training at the gym, numerous meals per day, all yielding no results. Help is on the way! There is a formula for successful weight gain.

The “Getting Buff” program was designed by our Senior Nutritionist, Robert Pastore, Ph.D., CNC, CN. Dr. Pastore’s program consist of 4 basic steps:

  • Calculating unique caloric needs
  • Analyzing macronutrient needs
  • Designing an individualized comprehensive supplementation program
  • Personal training schedule

If you are trying hard to “bulk up” without results, we can help! Please take a moment and visit our companion site, The Ultimate Weight Gain Program. If you would like to ask Dr. Pastore a question about this program, please visit our Weight Gain community.


Please visit for valuable information about weight gain.

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