For over 3 million Americans who inject insulin every day to control their diabetes, the introduction of the InDuo device (by Novo Nordisk and LifeScan) will be an outstanding convenience. Part of the job of using insulin properly is testing blood sugar levels prior to the insulin injection to calculate the proper dose to be given. For on-the-go diabetics this means carrying equipment for both blood testing and insulin administration whenever they leave home. The InDuo device is the first ever to incorporate everything needed for testing and injection within one handy and attractive device.

Not only does the InDuo provide unparallel convenience but also engineered into this groundbreaking device is the latest and greatest technology for insulin injection and blood sugar testing. Utilizing a ‘pen’ style insulin injector enables diabetics to simply dial in the desired insulin dose from a self-contained reservoir. No more of the hassle of loading a syringe with insulin from a vial. The ultra-thin NovoFine 30 and NoveFine 31 needles take the sting out of the injection itself. The recently approved ‘Novolog’ insulin used in the InDuo is super fast in its onset of action, enabling diabetics to take the injection at the beginning of a meal rather than waiting the standard 30 minutes between injection and eating as required with older types of insulin. If desired, any of the full line of Novo Nordisk insulins including Novolin 70/30, NPH, and Regular is also available for use with the InDuo. The blood sugar tester using the One Touch Ultra technology by Lifescan, is one of the fastest and most accurate available producing a result in 5 seconds from a tiny fraction of a drop of blood.

Over two thirds of diabetics admit to self testing their blood sugar less than recommended because of forgetting to carry their meter with them. The majority stated that the InDuo would help them test more frequently. And more than 4 out of 5 preferred the InDuo to the standard non-integrated systems.

The InDuo is now available through medical device suppliers, pharmacies and doctor’s offices. Ask your health care professional for more details and start enjoying the benefits of this great innovation today.

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