In recent developments, researchers have been working with an implantable device which reduces hunger and has been shown to cause weight loss and improve blood sugar in diabetics. The device called the Tantalus system, is implanted laparoscopically (through a small incision) into the stomach. When food enters the stomach the device delivers electrical impulses to the stomach which produces a sense of fullness and reduction in calorie intake. Tantalus is approved in Europe but is still in clinical trials in the U.S. and is marketed by MetaCure LTD.

In recent research presented by Dr. Christoph Rosak 24 obese diabetics received the Tantalus device and after one year showed an average weight loss of about 11 lbs. along with a decrease in waist circumference. Morning blood sugar levels decreased from an average of 206 mg% to 158 mg%.

While these studies have been done in diabetics there is no scientific reason why weight loss would not be expected in non-diabetic individuals using the same device. As of yet is not aware of studies of the Tantalus in non-diabetics.

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